Taliah Waajid Hair Products

I have fallen in love with natural hair products produced by Taliah Waajid. I have been struggling with dry hair hair 

for years now. It breaks and sheds terribly and I have tried just about everything. Most recently I watched some YouTube videos and one of the vloggers was using Taliah Waajid curl cream on her hair. The results were amazing so I had to go out and find it for myself. The very next day I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and purchased the leave in conditioner and curl cream. My hair has never looked so curly and hydrated. The product smells delicious also. To me that’s just an added plus. The feel of the cream is a little weird at first but it definitely gets the job done. I am so impressed I’m slowly purchasing all of the other products to add to my collection. For all my natural friends out there this product is worth the buy and it is way more affordable than some of the other products on the market.If you can’t find the products in your local stores they are available on Amazon. I have provided a link in the comments.



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